Debi Chowdhury

Debi Chowdhury born in Calcutta, India, emigrated to New York City as a child and finished her schooling there. She then moved to Upstate New York where she currently resides working in the government sector. With degrees in Psychology and social work, she has forty plus years of experience chairing conferences, and event management for an array of events including writers conferences, government conferences and gardening events. She is active in several conventions such as Heliosphere, Balticon, Libertycon, Worldcon and World Fantasy. 

Mary Catelynn Cunningham

Mary Catelynn Cunningham has chaired more than 5 conventions for 3 different organizations. She has also worked at senior levels for many others. For World Fantasy Conventions: she has been webmaster, worked on artshow and registration and helped with hospitality. She is currently Vice-Chair for HELIOsphere and recently was Division Head for Hospitality for Chicon 8.

Art Show – Scott Zrubek

Banquet – Joni Brill Dashoff

Convention Center Liaison – Todd Dashoff

Dockmaster – Chris Marble

Hospitality – Kathleen Morrison

Hotel Liaison – Dennis McCunney

Publications – Mark Richards

Registration – Stacy Masiello

Social Media – Ken Winters

Treasurer – Judy Bemis

General Staff: Liz Crefin, Bryan Herring, Louise Amy Herring, Ginny Smith