NASF3 is excited to bid for WFC2024.

Main hotel – Sheraton Niagara Falls – Room Rate $149 + $15 amenity fee that includes parking other nice things (wine tour) and 12 rooms at a discount for staff

Convention Space – Niagara Falls Convention Center – 116,000 sq ft of space – $20,000 food and beverage minimum plus approximately $9,000 management fees. There will be other charges we are sure. We estimate at least $10,00 over minimums.

Dealers room and Art Show – We have all the space at the Convention Center. The Event Center space is 32,000 of blank space. It is enough space to hold the Dealers room, the Art Show. Since the Event Center is separate from the rest of the conference center it can be locked at night while the rest of the facility is in use. Space for Art Show reception can be setup in part of the Event Center or the Grand Foyer. If we determine the security provided by the convention center is not sufficient, we would hire our own security.

Autograph Session – The Grand Ballroom would work well for the autograph session and the reception can be in the adjoining Grand Foyer.

Classrooms – we would have our choice of several spaces so we can pick based on sizes needed and available audiovisual as several of the spaces have it built in.

Virtual Convention – Having a virtual aspect to our convention is important. We would make at least one classroom available virtually and we would do more as available. We would explore recording sessions if allowed and make them available on our website to registered members of the convention.


Borders, Portals and Boundaries – We are on the border of 2 counties so we should explore the borders around us. Portals abound in fantasy. How are they used in stories and all the kinds of portals to fantasy we can find. Boundaries can be good things or bad; exploring them can be exciting or terrifying.

Spirits in the Mists – In the mists of Niagara Falls there are many stories. We would like to explore the tales the falls have to tell.