There are bars in the hotel and there are lots of charming bars around. There is a lobby bar and there is also a bar in the Rainforest Cafe. We are not sure these will work for our attendees.

So how to make this problem work for us: BUILD OUR OWN BAR

There is a beautiful space in the convention center that we would not be using for anything else. So we are going to make it into our own bar run by convention center staff. The room faces the street and has big windows. We can stock the bar via the convention center as we wish and keep prices moderate. We would also be able to serve food in this area and the idea would be to serve dinner here.

We think this is a very exciting area and we can make our attendees comfortable and it will be very convenient.


The Sheraton is offering us hospitality space on the lobby level of the hotel. This space is set up specifically for this purpose and we would have a corkage/forkage waiver.

We would have coffee and breakfast items in the morning and a light lunch in the afternoon and have light snacks and beverages through the day.

For dinner we would use the catering in the convention center to provide a full buffet dinner in our bar.

We would of course have a reception for the autograph session and a reception for the art show.

The convention center has the facilities to do a full banquet for the awards at a reasonable price.